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SUNY GCC - Genesee Community College

The Dansville Campus Center is located at the former Dansville Middle School, just off Main Street in downtown Dansville.

The campus center features a variety of resources, such as:

  • More classrooms
  • Modern science labs
  • Art and ceramic studio
  • 体育馆
  • 550-seat auditorium
  • 学生 lounges
  • Silent study room

These spaces are used for enhanced studies in more than 50 courses each semester. 学生s will also be able to relax in the new Clara’s Commons, named after American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, who had a home in the village of Dansville and where she also established the first chapter of the Red Cross.


艾米 Churchfield

艾米 Churchfield

Associate Dean, Campus Centers

585-335-7820 x4064


黛比 艾伦

Director of Operations

585-335-7820 x4084

佩吉 Szczesniak

佩吉 Szczesniak

Campus Secretary

585-335-7820 x4060


劳里 罗杰斯

Campus Associate/Academic Advisor

585-335-7820 x4522


宝拉 Oyler

Campus Associate/Academic Advisor

585-335-7820 x4067

访问 Other Campus Centers

We also have 5 other Campus Centers within 纽约. One each in the towns of 巴达维亚, 商场, 秘鲁首都利马, 麦地那 and 华沙

商场 Campus Center


Our supportive faculty and staff make the 商场 Campus Center feel like a home away from home for students and community members in Wyoming County.



Our main campus, 巴达维亚 features a 学生 Success Center, on-campus housing, The Genesee Center for the Arts, Genesee Cougar athletics and the Alfred C. O’Connell 图书馆.

秘鲁首都利马 Campus Center


The 秘鲁首都利马 Campus Center is our newest facility, offering smart classrooms and labs. Northern Livingston County students can take college courses and noncredit training classes.

麦地那 Campus Center


Our 麦地那 Campus Center has consolidated services from the Albion Campus Center to offer dozens of courses for students in Orleans County.

华沙 Campus Center


The knowledgeable faculty and staff at the 华沙 Campus Center make learning come alive in an intimate environment and state-of-the-art technology in all learning spaces.